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When available, select either Florence MSA or Region 1 to see local data.

The Shoals area is the "Florence Metropolitan Statistical Area" (MSA).

All of North AL is "Region 1" (13 counties from the east to west borders across the state). 


More Workforce Readiness Information

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Focused on Education & Workforce Readiness issues & solutions, such as:

  • T3 Innovation Network exploring the emerging technologies and standards in the talent marketplace to better align student, workforce, and credentialing data with the needs of the new economy

  • and more ...

North Alabama Works! is a network of businesses and providers of workforce services, including all of the governmental, educational, and private sector components that train, prepare, and match job seekers with employers.

Attend the quarterly Summits to participate in the process of developing just-in-time training for NW AL businesses.

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 Success in the New Economy

This viral animation video helps audiences understand how to ultimately secure a competitive advantage in the new economy. Students must simultaneously receive applied technical skills, industry-recognized certifications, and employability preparation combined with a rigorous general education.

Produced and narrated by Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D., a work of SUBSTANCE.

Funded by Orange County Career Education:



To educate, encourage, empower & equip individuals & organization to grow & develop strategies to live a better life personally & professionally.


To motivate others to unlock their potential & determine their destiny.

American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE)

Education & Workforce Development Division

a plethora of resources on various topics, such as:

  • and more ...

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's Education Priorities

Success Plus Plan

500,000 new highly skilled people

in the workforce by 2020


The mission of the National Student Clearinghouse is to serve the education and workforce communities and all learners with access to trusted data, related services, and insights.



To be a premier resource in serving and supporting the opportunities created by lifelong learning.


Professional Networking Opportunities


Enhancing the economic vitality of the Shoals through advocacy, connectivity, and education.



The Shoals Chamber of Commerce is the bridge to an educated, productive workforce; an innovative, pro-business climate; and a connected, diverse community.


The Shoals Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, membership organization which works closely with local, state and federal government to help promote a positive business climate for the Shoals, although it is not a government entity. The Shoals Chamber is dedicated to bolstering economic growth through legislative involvement. By supporting initiatives that help reduce the cost of doing business in the Shoals, the Chamber champions a competitive regional business climate to compete in the national market. 


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Free, on-site seminars, webinars tools & resources to help you achieve your financial goals.

Choose from a variety of topics and other resources.


Great Ideas & Best Practices

Walker County, Alabama Sheriff's Office

Mercy Project

Our Mercy Project serves as a beacon of hope in today's dark world. The project was designed to help struggling addicts fight to beat the stronghold of addiction.

We all know that there is a drug issue in today's society. Drugs have affected someone you know, whether it be in your family, a friend, or even yourself. Our project serves to break those habitual behaviors and dependency on illicit drugs, and get one back on his or her feet. This program is at no cost to the program participant or to Walker County taxpayers.

Our goal is to help those who can no longer afford themselves the opportunity of freedom from addiction. We help bridge those who've pushed away their family and friends to rebuild their lives in a new, positive direction.

We tailor-make a plan to help aide those in need. We look to mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of one's life to enhance their chances of beating the tug of drugs in one's life.

Providing employers with a toolkit of resources they can use — free of charge — to help them prepare, prevent, and respond to this crisis.

Helping  employees break the bonds of addiction, get and stay healthy, keeps them creative, innovative and productive. And that makes Arkansas strong.


Workforce Resources

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